The successes of extraordinary Democrats in Virginia’s 2017 elections proved that the spirit and enthusiasm of “The Resistance” can be carried into critical races in 2018.

In Virginia, MobilizeAmerica volunteers:

  • Sent more than 1 million text messages
  • Made more than 100,000 calls
  • Knocked tens of thousands of doors
  • and helped flip 15 House of Delegates seats from red to blue

Virginia showed the country that successful field programs mobilize the entire country, and we're excited to bring that vision to even more campaigns in 2018.

Testimony from some of our partners in Virginia

I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to have MobilizeAmerica as part of my team, from the very beginning. They were the first folks I met with the morning after my run off election, and really walked the walk, coming down to Prince William County week after week and helping us secure a win, door by door, call by call, text by text!
— Jennifer Carroll Foy, Delegate-Elect for the Virginia House of Delegates, District 2
We worked with countless partners to make last night’s victory possible, and MobilizeAmerica was at the top of the list in terms of their helpfulness. They were a major addition to our statewide capacity on the doors, phones, and texts — with their staff and volunteer teams knocking every last door in the freezing rain, texting voters from morning to night, and much more.
— Lauren Brainerd, 2017 Virginia Coordinated Campaign Director
I love how easy MobilizeAmerica makes it to sign up volunteers online. On a campaign, every moment is precious. MobilizeAmerica saves us hours of calling and brings in new people to our team. We couldn’t win this election without them!
— Drew Cooper, Field Director, Jennifer Carroll Foy for the Virginia House of Delegates