Refer a campaign to MobilizeAmerica and win a $100 Amazon gift card

MobilizeAmerica needs your help to bring digital recruitment tools to every campaign in the country.

Fill out this form with your campaign contacts. For each campaign that joins the MobilizeAmerica platform from your suggestions, you'll receive up to a $100 Amazon gift card!*

*$100 gift card for any campaign Congressional or larger, $50 gift card for State Legislature, $10 for any other

Note: This program is only available for staff who are working with campaigns, political parties, or other coordinated-side programs – or individuals who are not working on any electoral efforts in the 2018 cycle. And only campaigns, political parties, and other coordinated-side programs may be referred. Please do not try to refer independent-side entities, so that we can respect all of our partners’ firewalls.