For Organizers

For Volunteers

How will MobilizeAmerica help me recruit more volunteers?

When you create an event through a MobilizeAmerica dashboard, anyone who goes to our events feed can find your event through filtering. Additionally, other organizations can promote your event, allowing you to share networks with organizations you partner with. 

How is MobilizeAmerica different from VAN?

MobilizeAmerica is a tool for cross-network collaboration and event management. It can be used independently or as an addition to VAN to host and manage events. With a MobilizeAmerica Dashboard, you can create events online, register your volunteers online for shifts, send automatic confirmation and reminder emails to volunteers, share events to your network, have your events shared by other progressive organizations, and utilize a variety of analytical tools for maximized efficiency

What does it mean to promote an organization?

Promoting an organization is sharing their events with your volunteer network. When you promote an organization, you are helping that group reach more potential volunteers and donors. 

How can I practice targeted recruitment with a MobilizeAmerica Dashboard?

There are a few different features designed to help you with more effective and efficient volunteer recruitment. We provide a code snippet that will allow you to embed a hotleads form into your website. Additionally you can use a Facebook Pixel ID and a Google Analytics ID with your MobilizeAmerica Events page and website. These tools help you identify people who have not signed up for events but are likely to be interested. 

How do I use MobilizeAmerica to volunteer for a candidate?

You can go to that candidate's website or mobilize page and see their events feed. This will show you all of your volunteer opportunities that are hosted by that campaign.

How do I use MobilizeAmerica to volunteer with my grassroots group?

Your grassroots group will have their own MobilizeAmerica page where they can feature events hosted by your members as well as whatever other events your organization decides to promote. For example if you are a part of SwingLeft in your neighborhood, you can go to their event page and see all of the events hosted by candidates SwingLeft is working with in your area.

What will you use my email for?

After you register for an event you will receive one email containing all of the details of the event you registered for. You will also receive a reminder email the day before the event.

What about my phone number?

When you sign up for an event you can opt in for SMS notifications. This will send you a text to confirm your registration as well as a text reminder the day before the event.

Can I have a personal account on MobilizeAmerica?

Volunteers don't have their own dashboards, but rather navigate to the pages of candidates or progressive groups to sign up for events that those candidates are hosting or promoting.