Frequently Asked Questions

For organizers

How do I create an event?

First, visit your organization’s dashboard at Under the ‘Events’ tab, click the ‘New’ button.

Do I have to make duplicate events in MobilizeAmerica and VAN?

Nope! Your MobilizeAmerica events will show up as new events in VAN. You can also now create a custom "VAN name" if you'd like to track event names differently in VAN and your MobilizeAmerica dashboard.

What will be communicated to my volunteers?

Volunteers will get an email as soon as they sign up with the event details, organizer contact info, and anything you include in the “Private details” field. They’ll also receive a reminder email the day-of and the day before the event is scheduled to start.

How can I best use MobilizeAmerica to work with partners?

You can have your partners share your events on their own events feed! Get them set up with a MobilizeAmerica account, and they can add your event to their list, so their members can sign up directly.

If people sign up through partners, will they still show up in VAN?

Yes! If your account integrates with VAN, the event you share with partners will also integrate with VAN -- even if the partner puts their own touches on the event and shares it via their own channels!

Who has access to my data?

Only users on your organization’s account can access your volunteer data. If a volunteer signs up via a partner, that partner will see that the volunteer signed up, but no other data is visible across accounts.

How can I adjust the order of events on the feed?

Event that you mark as “Highest Priority” will automatically rise to the top of your feed. Stay tuned for more customization options -- soon you’ll be able to adjust the ordering event-by-event!

How do I change my organization’s name and event feed URL?

These options are available in the Settings tab of your dashboard

Can I host the events feed on my own website?

Yes! Grab the ‘iframe snippet’ listed in your dashboard, and insert that into the HTML of your website. Feel free to let us know if you run into any issues!

How do I get in touch with MobilizeAmerica?

You can contact us at, or via the question mark icon on the bottom right of your screen.

How do I get in touch with my volunteers?

In the ‘Volunteers’ tab of your dashboard there is an option to download the list of shifts that volunteers signed up for. Each row has an email associated with that shift -- just filter the list however you’d like, and upload the list to the email client of your choosing. Stay tuned over the next few months as we work to automate this process.

Can I add events from other organizations to my feed?

This is one of our next planned major releases -- stay tuned!

Can I still create events in VAN?

You can, but we recommend creating events in your MobilizeAmerica, since you can then add shifts to that event directly in VAN. You can even create a "VAN Name" if you'd like the title to show up differently in VAN and your events feed.

What will Mobilize America shifts look like in VAN?

All shifts that integrate into VAN will be marked as Role - Attendee and Status - Scheduled.

For volunteers

How do I sign up for an event?

The best way to find all public events is at There, you can filter by details like event type and location to find the best event for you!

How do I sign up as part of a grassroots group?

Make sure you either sign up via a link shared by that group (you’ll see their logo in the top left of the screen), or by selecting that group in the dropdown under “Volunteering with a specific group?”

I don’t see my grassroots group in the list. Can I still sign up with them?

If you don’t see your group there, talk to your group leader about creating a MobilizeAmerica account! That way they’ll be able to see when their volunteers sign up, and reach out to them with details.

Will I get a reminder about my event?

You’ll receive a reminder email the day before and the day of your event.

How do I get in touch with the event leader?

You should receive contact details for the event organizer in your confirmation email. If not, feel free to contact the MobilizeAmerica team at, or via the question mark icon at the bottom right of your screen.

How do I cancel my signup?

If you need to, you can cancel your signup through the cancellation link in the confirmation email. That will automatically let the event organizer know that you can’t make it.

I want to bring friends to the event. How can I do that?

Thanks for spreading the word! Feel free to forward your friends the confirmation email, or send them the link to the event directly. There is also a “Share on Facebook” link in the confirmation email -- use that to spread the word to your Facebook friends!