Introducing our distributed organizing tools

TL;DR: Volunteers can now create events from the web, and are seamlessly onboarded into your dashboard at a new permission tier. Admins can edit and approve events that are submitted. You get all of the benefits of the Mobilize platform: conversion optimization out of the box, automation, ease of use, cross-promotion, and data integrations.

Super Tuesday is one year from today and we’re already working with 2020 campaigns, state parties, the DNC, advocacy organizations, and progressive media outlets to mobilize volunteers for all sorts of in-person and remote actions. As we work with our partners, we’ve consistently heard about the need to empower volunteers to scale organizing faster and build durable grassroots movements.

Even as digital programs are growing increasingly sophisticated, certain fundamental organizing principles never change. Great organizers know: something powerful happens when people get together and have real conversations.

That’s why Mobilize is launching our new Distributed Organizing toolset!

As of today, Mobilize users can give their grassroots supporters the ability to create their own events and actions from the web, allowing for fully distributed, nationwide organizing.

This launch of distributed organizing is the start of a whole new way of engaging volunteers on Mobilize, and indicative of the types of investments we plan to make as we rapidly grow our product and engineering team.

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: You provide a standard description and photos

  • Step 2: You ask supporters to host events in their local communities

  • Step 3: Supporters add relevant information like address, time, and contact information and can manage the event through their Mobilize dashboard

  • Step 4: You review and edit content from supporters and approve events

  • Step 5: Supporter-created events are displayed on your events feed, and on events feeds of organizations that promote you on Mobilize

  • Step 6: Supporter events and data from sign-ups are automatically written to NGP VAN or other integrated CRMs


Distributed events will have all the same advantages of any action on Mobilize: constant conversion optimization, out of the box; volunteer management tools; ease of use and set-up; automated volunteer engagement and after action surveys; cross-promotion with your partners; and data integrations.

We’ll be constantly shipping updates and additions to this feature set. In the coming months, expect additions on event campaigns, in-app messaging, group creation, and more!

Why is this so important?

Volunteers and grassroots activists have never been more engaged. Since the 2016 election, new groups have formed and existing groups have seen their national memberships swell. Similarly, candidates’ email lists and audiences on social networks have grown rapidly, as political and civic engagement remains sky-high.

It is existentially important -- and incredibly challenging -- for campaigns and organizations to engage personally with supporters that are often widely distributed across the country and empower them to become leaders.

Historically, programs have had to rely on tools from outside of politics, or invest substantial resources to build their own tools or heavily customize existing platforms. Now volunteers can host meetups and house parties, build community among fellow supporters and, even, host phonebanks or canvasses -- all within Mobilize.

We’re incredibly excited about the potential of Mobilize Distributed Organizing to empower local leaders and scale programs that are distributed, national and personal.


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