In 2018, we'll leverage the technology and tactics we proved in Virginia to help propel Democrats to victories nationwide by:

Scaling our reach up-and-down the ticket -- from City Council to US Senate, we're excited to feature all Democrats that want to scale their volunteer programs on our platform.

Partnering with national and grassroots progressive organizations to make it easy for volunteers to find ways to get involved -- and for campaigns to find volunteers

Enhancing our suite of tools to make volunteer recruitment even more seamless, while offering campaigns the latest and greatest in organizing tech, such as :

  • Collaboration tools that make communication between groups and campaigns painless
  • Seamless VAN integration
  • Automated volunteer engagement and re-engagement via email and SMS
  • Virtual phone banks and text banks
  • ...and much more

Stay tuned as we continue to release exciting new features, and always feel free to drop us a note if you have feedback or suggestions.

We're committed to helping Democrats win up and down the ticket, and want to scale out platform to do it. Want to try out our tools, schedule a chat, or get to know us better?